David Icke Newsletter Preview - 29th March 2008

Expose the abuse of the privately owned global ´police force´ / killing squads go from bad to worse

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David Icke Newsletter Preview - 29th March 2008

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David Icke Newsletter Preview - 29th March 2008‏

David Icke Newsletter Preview




The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out On Sunday

Some time later, [traffic warden] Andy met a police officer he knew from some years before. After a general chat among other wardens, the officer pulled Andy aside and said he wanted to speak in private.

The officer said that Andy should not breathe a word of what he was about to tell him, and he was only telling him the information because he was an old friend.

He said that for months he had been on 'special duties' coordinating a top secret operation, meeting with 'top brass' from the police and national and local government. This was happening all over the country, he said, and certain officers had been chosen - or were having to do - what he was doing.

The officer asked for another promise from Andy not to reveal details of the conversation before saying that the government was preparing for what he was about to reveal 'well, well, in advance'. They were expecting ...

'... a war, a lot of riots, a lot of very big trouble.'

The officer said that he understood that Andy and his colleagues had been given a number of cards, one with the 'Pace' [police arrest caution] and one giving permission to enter various premises.

'Let's just say, I know, now, the reason you have been given them is because when all of this happens, and it will, we [the police] will be on the front line with the armed forces and people in your kind of jobs ... parking wardens, security officers, CCTV operatives and so on will be required to do our job.'

'You must be joking, that's crazy', Andy replied.

'I'm not joking', the officer said, this is on the level. I am just putting you wise to what will happen, but the main thing is please don't tell anyone.'

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