Bill Gates in global push to vaccinate every child on earth

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Bill Gates in global push to vaccinate every child on earth

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INTRO: Some vaccines work as hard-kill weapons where people die pretty quickly after injection (like in eg. Africa) but most are SOFT-KILL WEAPONS that for an example will trigger when you enter menopause because of hormonal changes in the body -which means you can get your vaccine as a child, but when you get old and are ready to retire and collect your pension money, you just die very quickly instead.

Bill Gates in global push to vaccinate every child on the planet

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Bill Gates in global push to vaccinate every child on the planet

Jonathan Benson
Natural News
July 5, 2011

Microsoft guru Bill Gates is busy rallying the troops to bring about what he calls “vaccine equity,” which is his plan to vaccinate every single child in the world. Manipulating the heart strings of his listening audience, Gates stated at a recent Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) conference that “rich” kids take for granted the vaccines they receive, and that now is the time to provide the same vaccines for the world’s poorest children.

“It’s now that we’re gonna start to get the last two vaccines that rich kids take for granted, the pneumococcal and rotavirus, and over these next five years, get them out to every child everywhere,” said Gates. “That means for the first time ever that we have equity in vaccines.”

By structuring his statements this way, Gates first implies that vaccines are some type of precious commodity that “rich kids” take for granted, and that need to get into the hands of “poor kids” to create health care equality. He then beckons the nations of the world to use taxpayer dollars to fund this massive, multi-billion-dollar dream to “save the children” by injecting them with various mixtures of toxic chemicals.

We have heard it all before, especially from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which has been pushing for the whole world to be vaccinated for many years now (…). It is clear that Gates and his supporters will stop at nothing until every nation in the world is funding hisvaccinecampaigns, despite the fact that many of the vaccines being pushed come with a whole slew of devastating side effects, and do not necessarily provide any proven benefit (…).

“Why are we lining the pockets of Big Pharma like this?” asked Daniel Berman, a vaccines expert from Doctors Without Borders, concerning the several developed nations that have already pledged billions to Gates’ agenda. “That just screams conflict of interest and corporate welfare to us.”

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