CNN's lies on Iran

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CNN's lies on Iran

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CNN's lies on Iran

As this video highlights, CNN has also been instrumental in hyping for an attack on Iran by misreporting facts about Iran’s nuclear energy program. Once again, corporate media outlets like CNN are greasing the skids for another war that experts have estimated would kill 16-20 million Iranians, while obsessing and fearmongering about ragtag groups like the Hutaree militia who haven’t killed a single person.

CNN styles itself as a liberal and progressive news network. Self-proclaimed “progressives” don’t really live up to their name when it comes to exploiting and lying about incidents in an attempt to crush the free speech of their political adversaries. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, “liberals” will pounce upon and twist any event with a crazed appetite if it serves their agenda of portraying anyone who disagrees with them as a dangerous lunatic who should be silenced through the power of the state.

In exploiting and blatantly lying about events such as the Hutaree raids, as CNN has by smearing completely unaffiliated groups, as part of an effort to chill free speech and imply that the force of the state should be used to crush dissenting views, so-called “progressives” expose themselves to be little more than authoritarian control freaks who embrace the most outdated and regressive view of freedom of speech much more in line with and in many cases worse than the neo-conservatives who attempted to portray anti-war sentiment as treason during the Bush regime.

CNN’s obsession with over inflating the threat posed by “angry Americans,” a passion shared by every other alphabet news agency, serves not only to marginalize legitimate political dissent, but it also exposes a rampaging hypocrisy at the heart of the establishment media which, while characterizing grassroots Americans as violent thugs, has acted as the primary cheerleader for every mass act of violence for at least the last 50 years.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." -Goethe

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