San Antonio Cops Force Blood Test on Drivers.

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San Antonio Cops Force Blood Test on Drivers.

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San Antonio Cops Force Blood Test on Drivers.


Opinion: Austin, It’s Time to Rise Up

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Opinion: Austin, It’s Time to Rise Up

P.O.T.U.S | July 3, 2008

It’s time to get mad and put the Austin Police Department in their place.

They are now planning to pull you over, and if they suspect you’ve been drinking, the police will stick a needle in your arm, and take your blood without a warrant. You cannot refuse, and they will do this by force. If you resist, you will be tasered and held down against your will while they remove a “sample”.

“My intent in the future is to make it so there is no such thing as a refusal. You can refuse all you want, but we are going to aggressively seek search warrants,” said Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo, in an interview with KXAN, a local city television station. (See the original article & video report here: ... 7347010923 )

That’s right– the so-called “peace officer”, in charge of serving the public trust and upholding the law and Constitution is going to be pinning you to the ground with his knee, dutifully, while driving a needle into you.

This “No Refusal” DWI policy has already been implemented and field tested in San Antonio (see video below).

PLEASE TAKE five minutes out of your life to voice your disapproval of this coming policy to these Police authorities and our elected city officials. If you’ve never voiced a complaint before about anything, trust me, it is LEGAL, you will not get in any trouble. In fact, it’s rewarding– You will feel better about yourself.

Tell these people what you think, let them know that instead of spending resources and manpower on violating human rights, the police department should get around to more important issues– for example, making sure the Governor’s mansion is not set on fire and nearly burned to the ground.

Contact any and/or all of the following:

Austin Police Chief Acevado’s Office: 512-974-5030

Austin Police Community Liason Office: 512-974-4700

E-mail the Austin Police Department:

Contact the Austin City Council:

This policy, which violates basic human rights and the Constitution, is being handed down from the Federal government, not the State of Texas. And it’s just the beginning. Today it’s your blood, tomorrow the rest of your dignity follows, and finally, you realize you basically have the rights of a slave. Which are listed below.

Think about it: The NAZI’s were not even near this level of police invasion. All they asked for were your “papers”. These newly trained police officers, the majority of which will be combat-hardened Iraq war veterans, are going to be demanding your blood.


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