Vaccine can cause narcolepsy sleep.

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Vaccine can cause narcolepsy sleep.

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Swine Vaccines can cause narcolepsy
Swine vaccine is suspected to have caused the incurable disease narcolepsy sleep.
Let's disease cases examined.
We will collect Our expert group to discuss the relationship, "says Mårten Forrest on the MPA.

More than six million doses of flu vaccine were distributed Pandemrix in Sweden.
After it has approximately 4380 adverse event reports received by the MPA.
Let's examine the effect of swine vaccine may be associated with the chronic sleep disorder narcolepsy.
Sex rapporter om olika fall har kommit. Six reports on various cases have come.
The raw data from the care that we are investigating. And all reports are from the same source in healthcare, "said Marten Forrest, Information Officer of the MPA.
Samlar expertgrupp Collectibles Expert

Narkolepsi är en neurologisk sjukdom. Narcolepsy is a neurological disease. Det mest kända symptomet är att man lätt somnar under dagen i olika situationer, men personer med narkolepsi sover även dåligt på natten. The best known symptom is that you can easily fall asleep during the day in different situations, but people with narcolepsy also sleep poorly at night.
Narkolepsi kan också göra att man tappar kontrollen över sina muskler. Narcolepsy can also make you lose control of his muscles.
We will collect our panel of experts Tuesday to discuss the relationship. Efter det vet vi mer, säger Mårten Forrest och fortsätter: After that, we know more, "says Mårten Forrest and continues:
However, narcolepsy is not in itself the world's easiest diagnosis to make.


Of all the adverse event reports received about the vaccine that is about half of health care, and the other half from private individuals.
In light of the very large number of vaccinated individuals in Sweden and the limited number of adverse event reports, and their patterns are the safety of the vaccine to be safe, according to the MPA's final report on adverse event reports for Pandemrix.

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