Dan Rather's reality + BBC & CNN's scripted 9/11 hoax

Corporate commercials, spin, lies, fascist / nazi war promotion propaganda - It´s called FAKE news

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Dan Rather's reality + BBC & CNN's scripted 9/11 hoax

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Dan Rather's reality + BBC & CNN's scripted 9/11 hoax


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Dan Rather's reality + BBC & CNN's scripted 9/11 hoax

This movie was made because of all the censorship surrounding these BBC and CNN news hoaxes, and in order to put yet another nail into the coffin of the notion that 9/11-2001 was an outside job in any shape or form.

I could also add facts like the JFK assassination with Lee
Harvey Oswald as the shooter was announced on news stands in Japan and
Asia 2 Hours BEFORE it happened.

GET REAL PEOPLE: The entire Pentagon script on how 9/11-2001 actually happened, was written in 1962 and it is VERY detailed about this event.

It is called "Operation Northwoods" and you should all go read it right now if you want to understand what "the new world order" is all about and then be able to see and understand for your self why 9/11-2001 really happened:


Let me make one thing very clear: NO one can tell or convince anyone about these things, because they are so diabolical, so evil and so against everything we have been told about right and wrong. The ONLY way a person will be able to open his eyes and begin to see everything for what it really is, must be a drive, a desire within him self to KNOW the FACTS no matter how scary and frightening it might be.

Thats it...

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