Bailout is a SCAM meant to FAIL!!

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Bailout is a SCAM meant to FAIL!!

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Quote by: realitycheck101

If anyone with even one small brain cell should be able to see how this BAILOUT is a SCAM which is meant to FAIL!

Here are just a few OBVIOUS reasons.

1.) If homeowners are defaulting on their loan do to lack of funds to pay for them today, how in the world to do they THINK that by giving the FRAUDSTERS/Bankers 700 billion dollars is going to help even ONE home owner be able to pay next week or next month.

It is NOT the banks who cannot pay their mortgages, it is the HOMEOWNERS!

If they helped the HOME OWNERS than it would automatically help the bankers and investors because they now make bad debts good again.

2.) The MONSTROUS congress like Barney are trying to convince the public that he and others in congress are making a deal that is good for the people & promising this ROTTEN CARROT that they expect an 80% return on this MASSIVE LOTTING, however, we know for FACT that EVERYTHING the government touches turns to TOXIC DUST!

All of the LIP SERVICE we hear congress spewing about what they want or plan to do in this LOOTING DEAL is just that LIP SERVICE!

The ENTIRE congress is nothing but a GANG OF THIEVES who are in secret making MILLIONS for these BAD DEALS, it is only in the public view that they PRETEND to represent the people but they DO the OPPOSITE!!

3.) You can GUARANTEE that 700 billion WILL balloon to SEVERAL TRILLION by the time it is all said and done.

The scam will go like this, after they get the 700 billion, which will fix NOTHING, they will then come back & say that another 200-500 is really needed & seeing we have already invested 700, it only makes sense to give the rest other wise we lose the 700 billion. They will then prop up some PHONY numbers to make the DUMB DOWN public believe it is working, but then they will come back for the FINAL BLOW, which will be 500 billion & maybe even a TRILLION.

The public, who now believes the bail out is beginning to work will buy it hook line and sinker, however, what will REALLY happen is some "UN KNOWN HAPPENING", which will then TOTALLY COLLAPSE the entire economy and
and this is when they will announce the only solution, which is the American Union and the AMERIO dollar.

This ALL will probably happen by the end of next year or sooner.

The Bailout is just a HOAX to give the perception of them trying to fix the problem in order to keep the SHEEP behind them no matter where they lead them to.
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