British Passport (Bio-Metrics)

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British Passport (Bio-Metrics)

Post by rian202003 »

Not been on this forum for a while so hi,

I will keep this short, this morning i received my new british passport in the post. The first thing i noticed is that the information leaflet i got with it tells me that there is a bio-metric chip inside my passport indicated by a symbol on front of passport. :shock:

sure enough at back page behind my photo there is a micro chip and little copper wire antenna which holds my personal information and picture of me etc, maybe even holds my DNA harvested from my application form, who knows.

Anyway the British passport used to be a sign of freedom and offer safety wherever you are in world ,now its a sign of slavery. Im pretty sure with this new chip and antenna it will be used to monitor persons,

qoute from passport guide,

You have just received your new biometric passport. Also known as an e-passport. biometric passports can be identified by this symbol on the front cover.

The symbol shows there is an electronic chip inside the passport.
We have introduced this new style of passport to help fight fraud and forgery. Your personal details and photo are printed on the personal details page of your passport. The back of that page also holds an electronic chip and antenna.
other images of passport,
front cover with symbol, (looks like all seeing eye to me)

and the chip and antenna beneath photo,

Im feeling really pissed off about this, as im already living in the most heavily CCTV monitored country in world.
New ID cards will be introduced here too with either thumb print or retina information as well as DNA.

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Post by tch0rt »

the worst thing is the rfid tag in your passport is unencrypted and can be scanned by anyone with a scanner (look at rfidiot website)
it also has headers for psychometric and behavoural data
they are mapping YOU

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Post by roxaz »

rfidiot? is it a coincidence that we can understand it as 'radio frequency idiot'? :D

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